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Animal Picture Games

Here you find a collection of animal picture games. You can play the games online or download the entire collection to your local disk.

To be able to play the games online you need the Shockwave-Plug-In installed. You can download it on the Macromedia site. The games might take a while to load on modem connection.

Try to assemble a picture from single pieces! You will be rewarded with information about the species you see in the picture.

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Download collection with 9 pictures:

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Animal: The Definitive Visual Guide to the World's Wildlife

Over 2,000 species, from the tiny spider mite to the massive blue whale, are profiled in DK's astonishingly wonderful Animal, produced in cooperation with the Smithsonian Institution and more than 70 expert zoologists. To call this book "profusely illustrated" is to seriously underrepresent page after page of breathtaking photos capturing each creature in sharp images, thrumming with life. Even the page borders are covered with collages of animal skins to indicate which class of organisms is represented in that section--every inch of this heavy book is gorgeous. © 1996-2002,, Inc.

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Animal Picture Games